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Viewing All Users with a Given Role
Have you ever wondered who is assigned a particular role? Yeah, me too – all the freaking time.
vRealize Automation and the Platform Services Controller
With the release last week of vSphere 6.0 also came the introduction of the Platform Services Controller (PSC). The Platform Services Controller combines Single Sign-on (SSO 2.0), Licensing and the VMware Certificate Authority. When you are installing vCenter Server, you have the option to embed the PSC on the same server as vCenter Server or deploy it externally. While performing an upgrade, the PSC will be placed wherever SSO is currently.
Replacing the vRealize Automation Favicon
An application “favicon” (sometimes referred to as a shortcut icon or Web site icon), is typically a 16×16 pixel image associated with a Web site or Web page. This special icon appears in the tab when the Web site or application is loaded, and also in the bookmark toolbar. Below are examples of the vRealize Automation favicon.
vCAC Redirects to the Incorrect SSO Address
I was working on a build this week where I ran into an interesting problem. I thought it would be worth sharing in case anyone comes across this in the wild.
Enabling SSH Access from vCAC to Workloads in AWS
One of the things I’ve been looking to expand in our Melbourne vCAC demo environment is the AWS side of things. Sure, provisioning a workload is great but it doesn’t really show you the full extent of what we can do. The most immediate need was to show that you could actually access the workload post provisioning.
Migrating Your vCAC Embedded Postgres DB to an External DB
When deploying vCAC in a distributed architecture you need to use an external database. So what happens when you’ve deployed a single vCAC appliance, and then decide you want to scale out? Registering your vCAC Appliance to an external Postgres database doesn’t magically migrate your data to that database.
Datastore Cluster Placement Property
A super short post today.
VM Placement on a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster with vCAC
I often get asked for some ideas outside of the usual in which hooking vCO into vCAC stubs provide a practical application. Our standard examples of this include IPAM and CMDB hooks, but sometimes the same old examples get a little old. This one I’m quite proud of, even if it required significant assistance from both Eric Hardcastle and Nathan Wheat. So here you go – VM placement for a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster as...
Restricting Enumeration of vSphere Objects in vCAC
I got asked today about how we could prevent certain objects from being enumerated in vCAC – ostensibly to prevent provisioning to them, or simply to provide less clutter when you are creating Reservations. Objects that you may want to do this for are Management Networks, Local Datastores, Resource Pools… the list could go on but those are the immediate ones that come to mind.
vCAC, vCNS and Datastore Clusters Gotcha
I’ve been attempting to get vCAC to consume vCNS in our lab for the last few nights. It seemed like a good topic for a blog post, and it is – just not in the way I expected.