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vCAC, vCNS and Datastore Clusters Gotcha

I’ve been attempting to get vCAC to consume vCNS in our lab for the last few nights. It seemed like a good topic for a blog post, and it is – just not in the way I expected.

Having configured vCAC and vCNS correctly, my deployments kept failing with the following error in vCAC:

vCAC Error

Not the most enlightening message, so I headed over to vShield Manager to see what it’s interface could tell me.

vShield Edge Error

This was *far* more enlightening, and made me want to break something. The next step was to delve into the vShield Manager Logs, where I found the following:

pool-464-thread-1 VcOperationsUtils:1270 – Edge VM ‘Edge-4e0f0bc4-daa7-4365-9dc2-13947940ef01-0’ deployment/installOvf failed for edge Id ‘edge-11’


core-services:1100:OVF Manager internal error. For more details, refer to the rootCauseString or the VC logs:Operation failed in VC. Type of ManagedObjectReference was not correct.

For once Google was singularly unhelpful, however I did manage to find an internal document referencing some issues when vCD passed a Datastore Cluster parameter to the vShield Manager.

Wouldn’t you know it, I was using datastore clusters in order to allow Storage DRS to intelligently place my VMs. Could it be?

Reservation Config

I changed my reservation to use the two underlying datastores in the above datastore cluster, and attempted to provision again.

Result? Successful provisioning of my Edge.