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Posts on Cloud Automation Services

Working with Blueprint Inputs
Credits: Huge thanks to Rambubu Duddukuri for his work on the code behind inputs, and his patience in taking my questions as I put this blog together.
Getting Started with the Cloud Automation Services API
Getting started with the Cloud Automation Services API is a pretty smooth affair. Nonetheless, it is helpful to get a few pointers on the way, which is exactly what this post is for. The first thing to do is authenticate, but before we do that, let’s make sure that you know where to go in order to find the API calls that you want to make.
Blueprint Versioning in Cloud Assembly
One benefit of moving to Infrastructure as Code is that you can use version control to gain visibility into changes in your definition. When you are working with a simple blueprint construct, it is easy to understand the changes that you make, and conversely identify changes that other people in your team have made. But as you start to build a library of complex blueprints, version control is critical for your sanity.
Basic Blueprinting in Cloud Assembly
Blueprints are the workhouse of Cloud Assembly, and the main workspace when it comes to authoring blueprints is the canvas. In this post we will take a look at some of the information you need to know in order to get started with creating your first blueprint.
Introducing VMware Cloud Automation Services
This series of posts is focused on the VMware Cloud Automation Services (CAS), which contains three separate but related services. These services represent VMware’s intent towards the multi-cloud market, focused on ease of consumption, and delivering a choice of consumption methods.