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Posts on Extensibility

Learning the vRA API: Part 3 – The Consumer API: Requesting a Catalog Item
In this post we are going to slip into Scott’s shoes – our “user” persona as discussed in the previous post. Scott is primarily interested in being able to request catalog items, as well as interacting with items that he requested previously.
Learning the vRA API: Part 2 – Building Your First API Call
This will be the last “admin” style post that I will write before we really start to get into the meat of working with the API. It’s not exciting, but important to get right. Read on, and if I’m going too slowly then you should skip to the end where we make our first request.
Learning the vRA API: Part 1 – Getting Started
I seem to spend a lot of my time responding to queries about the vRealize Automation API these days. That being the case, I thought it might be worth starting to put together a few blog posts to address some of the common use cases that people are looking to deliver.