VCAC DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS PART 2 – RQ001 Deployment of Virtual Machine(s) with an Operating System

Requirement Summary

A user logs in to the user portal and requests provisioning of a Virtual Machine (VM) with an Operating System. The VM (with the selected OS) is provisioned and ready for access. The requestor is notified of the success or failure of the provisioning.

Pre Conditions

• User(s) has/have appropriate rights

• Blueprints are developed and available

• Infrastructure and portal is in place

• Appropriate capacity resources are available

• SOE / Package licenses for deployed software and services are available

Post Conditions

Success End Condition

• VM is provisioned and the requestor can access the VM.

Failure End Condition

• Requestor doesn’t have permission to provision the VM in which case the requestor is notified by an error.

• Requestor is unable to locate the required services in the user portal.

Minimal Guarantee

• The requestor will be notified of the success or failure of their request.


A provisioning request is raised through the user portal.

Use Case Expected Flow

User logs in to the user portal or vendor console.

Requests a new VM with selected OS to be provisioned by selecting the appropriate service from a list available.

VM is provisioned and requestor is notified of the success.

Requestor can access the VM.

Use Case Variations

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2012

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4

Integration Points

Active Directory

Any device that is connected needs to access a set of basic networking infrastructure. Domain Names Services for IP Address ranges and configurations, Active Directory for authentication and authorisation, and Identity and Access Management systems for role based access controls.

Suggested Test Metrics

• Time to instantiate.

• Simplicity of portal / service catalog utilisation.