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About the Book

It’s been roughly a week since my somewhat cryptic “the book is dead, long live the book” tweet.

So, what prompted it and what has happened?

Last week, Jad and I had a call with our editor over at VMware Press. She informed us that the recent restructures at Pearson had hit the publishing side of the organisation very hard and that they were refocusing on certification. Projects/titles that were deemed speculative from a profitability point of view were being cut, and our book fell into that bucket.

As you can imagine, that was a massive kick in the guts. Even writing this now sets my hands to shaking and my tongue is going a little numb. Why? It’s just a book right?

Well, yes and no. The book *is* just a book – but the evenings and weekends that I’ve spent on it translate to time away from family and friends. There was a month of annual leave and a family holiday that daddy didn’t go on. So, the book is also more than just a book.

What next? I’m not sure. Jad and I are sorting out what to do – the rights to the book will revert to us, but do we pursue another publisher, self publish? I will say that this has forced me to step back a little and take stock of my time, and consider whether pushing through to deadlines to the exclusion of all else is the path I want to take.

So, there you have it – a small peak into what has happened, and also my head space.

Keep well.