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Platypus – vRA7 API Documentation

One of the most underrated features of vRealize Automation 7 is the new API. With additional platform coverage (I haven’t completely validated but we’re talking upwards of 90%) and the use of HATEOAS, the capabilities that we now have at our fingertips are pretty amazing.

Considering the API had an overhaul, I thought that it might be nice if our documentation model did too. So after a few misfires, I was able to get our current publicly available WADL based documents converted across to swagger.

The result? A little something like this:


To make it easily distributed, I thought it would be cool to make use of Docker and prep the container with swagger-ui. Thankfully, I have some smart friends who help me out whenever I’m a bit over my head. I also have Roman, who helped me out in this case (seriously dude, you’re a legend).

To get your hands on this, simply execute docker run --rm -p 80:8080 vmware/platypus

So, why platypus? Apart from the fact that it’s an awesome aussie icon, the fact that it looks like it has been mashed together from a number of different animals seemed kind of apt for what we did here.

If you want to help to make this more complete with examples and other elements, you can contribute on github – just grab the json file and go nuts. The docker build will be kept in sync with the git repo.

Thanks for reading!