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vRA Hands On Lab Preview

The Hands On Labs present a pretty cool model for getting stick time with VMware solutions that you don’t have access to. This year, I was lucky enough to be involved with a lab that orbits around my favourite product. The focus for the memorably named HOL-SDC-1632 is the integration and extensibility of vRealize Automation with other products.

This was a pretty mammoth journey. My peers Kim Delgado, Shawn Kelly and Jon Schulman have been a wonderful source of encouragement (and distraction) throughout the process, and our fearless leader Burke Azbill was the poor bugger given the task of managing us this year.

So, what can you expect?

9 modules, 541 steps, 33,423 words, 20MB of images.

All this to detail how you can extend the capabilities of vRA with Puppet, NSX, the vRealize Suite, Custom Hostnames, DNS registration and APIs.

All in all it’s pretty cool actually.

I’ll be on morning shift all week in San Francisco and Barcelona – be sure to drop by and say hi!