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Another Year, Another Slew of vExperts

Well, I think everyone has said it but I need to add my thanks to the community and VMware for being awarded vExpert for 2013.

I think that the community is one of the major parts of what makes VMware great – there is a real attitude of mind share, and everyone is willing to help out and offer their experiences to the new guard as they come through.

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work with the likes of Alistair Cooke and Nick Marshall, as well as getting a full time role with VMware. This has given me the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of people in ANZ who are passionate and driven about the same things as I am. Hopefully now that I’m on the inside I can drive more support into the vBrownBag, the AutoLab and maybe a few other side projects (this blog would probably be a great place to start!).

If you’re interested in seeing who else made the list, then look here.