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A Visual Guide to vRA7 Permissions
One of my more popular posts is the mind maps from the old vCAC days. I figured it was time to update them, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. If you notice anything incorrect, please leave me a comment.
vRA without Windows – The Business Group API
I’ve been asked a few times now if it’s possible to use vRA without Windows.
vRA 6.1 API – Catalog Requests
In the previous post on vRA APIs, we took a look at authentication and getting a bearer token. Some questions have come up for a local project around how we can enumerate the vRA catalog, and then subsequently request something via the API so here we are. Example 1.1 – Enumerating the Catalog Headers: Content-Type: application/json Accept: application/json Authorization: Bearer (as captured per the previous post) Request: GET https:///catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems Request Body: Not Required   Example...
vRA Application Architecture: Introduction
I recently shared my philosophy about the importance of understanding the “how” of technology, in order to be able to articulate the “why” of it’s behaviour, and from there be able to explain the “what” in terms of the design decisions that you choose to make along the way. Based on that, I thought that people may find it useful to delve a little deeper into the application architecture of vRA and take a look...
vCAC 6.1 API – Authentication
With the release of vCAC 6. 1(or rather vRealize Automation – that still takes some getting used to), the API which was in beta and a real pain to interact with in 6.0 has been made publicly available.
Exploring the vCAC API – Part 1
As VMware’s portfolio expands, it’s inevitable that we’re going to move into markets where our customers talk different languages. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day CxOs will continue make their decisions based on business needs – however the needs that we can address today are very different from the needs we could address five years ago. In my case, this shift means that I need to become au fait with concepts...
vCAC Custom Properties Order of Precedence
If you’ve used the vCAC Interface from an administrative perspective, you’ll have noticed that Custom Properties can be appended in a number of areas. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in as much as you can define that every workload deployed:
A Visual Guide to vCAC Permissions
I like to visually represent objects. This is an attempt to make it a little easier to identify which menu items (aka permissions) each vCAC Role is granted.
vCAC Network Topology for vCNS or NSX Integration
This is a topic that seems to come up a lot – I’ve added the vShield Manager details in my vSphere Endpoint, so how do I now deploy Multi-Machine Blueprints that can sit behind an Edge? Do the Edges deploy dynamically or do I need to provision them beforehand with vShield Manager? There is a lot to go into around this integration, and this post is really just one part of a huge topic –...
Navigating the vCAC 6.0 Logical Model